Typhoid Fever

Is an infectious disease caused by a bacteria Salmonella typhosa. The infection is transmitted through the faecal-oral route i.e. by consumption of food, water or milk contaminated with intestinal contents.

Duration of fever

Antibiotic therapy has shortened the duration of the fever to few days as compared to 3-4 weeks in the past.

Treatment of typhoid fever involves

  • Taking proper rest
  • Antibiotic therspy
  • Modified diet

    Diet management

    As the patient is ill and there is aversion of food in the form of anorexia, a high energy,high protein, full fluid diet is recommended
    in the beginning.As the fever goes down a bland,low fibber,soft diet which is easy to digest and absorb should be given to the patient.

  • Small meal pattern ( with meals at frequent intervals of 3-4 hours).
  • Well cooked, well meshed, sieved, bland, semi-solid foods like khichri ,rice with curd ,Kheers and custard may be given.

    Blend, readily digested food affords physiological rest to the alimentary tract. In the beginning, small quantities of food at two – three hours interval will provide adequate nutrition without overtaxing the digestive system at any one time. As the condition of the patient improves, larger meals may be given.

    Foods recommended

    • Plenty of juices, soups, beverages and plain water (2.5 to 5liters desirable).
    • Milk and milk based beverages.
    • Low fiber foods such as refined cereals and their products, dehusked pulses, well cooked fruits, vegetables in soft and puree form and potatoes.
    • Foods providing proteins of high biologic value e.g. eggs, soft cheeses, tender meats, fish, poultry etc.
    • Plain gelatin based desserts, sugars, honey and jams.

    Due to the presence of diarrhoea, fats only in emulsified form like cream, butter, whole milk, egg yolk should be eaten as they are easily digested and well tolerated by the patient.

    In order to compensate for the losses through the skin and sweat and also for ensuring adequate volume of urine for excreting waste, a liberal intake of fluids is very essential.

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