Benefits of Soy Curd

Soy yogurt is yogurt prepared using soy milk, yogurt bacteria, mainly Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus and sometimes additional sweetener, like fructose, glucose, honey or raw sugar .

  • It is one of the best alternatives to dairy yogurt for people with lactose intolerance (despite frequent claims of the opposite, dairy yogurt contains sometimes even more lactose than fresh milk, only the presence of the bacteria producing lactase makes it slightly easier to digest, but only for individuals without a severe lactose intolerance).

  • It is also suitable for vegans, as the bacteria for store bought soy yogurt are usually not grown on a dairy base.

  • Soy yogurt can be prepared at home using the same method as dairy yogurt.

  • One table spoon of additional sweetener per 1 liter of unsweetened, pure soy milk may be added to thicken the yogurt and make it more yogurt like . Soy milk on its own lacks the lactose (milk sugar) that is the basic food for the yogurt bacteria.

  • Soy yogurt tastes like usual dairy cream yogurt. Homemade soy yogurt may have a slight soy aftertaste, but good, store bought soy yogurt is a 100% alternative to the dairy counterpart.

  • Soy yogurt contains as less fat as soy milk – maximum 2,7%.

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