Yummy chicken quesadillas


  • Olive oil- 1 tablespoon
  • Small onion diced-1
  • Spinach – around 4 cups chopped, washed (approximately 250 grams)
  • Rajma beans – boiled ,drained 1 cup or use canned black beans -1 cup ,if available
  • Garlic-3-4 cloves,finely chopped
  • Tortillas -4 (8 inches)or alternatively you can also make thin chapatis at home and cook them only from one side and other side leave little uncooked
  • Cheese shredded -1cup ( take mozarella pizza cheese and grate at home)
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Oregano- 1 teaspoon( optional,if available)


  1. Take olive oil in a pan ,put it on slow flame add onion, finely chopped cloves lightly saute them till golden brown , now add the chicken and cook till done . To this add beans, salt ,oregano and black pepper. Lightly saute it. Turn the burner off.
  2. Now take the tortillas or cook thin wheat chapatis as told above and spread the above mix on the cooked side of the chapati covering only the half of it .On top of this put the shredded cheese .
  3. Now fold the chapati/tortillas into semicircles and and put some oil/butter and cook on a griddle or in a griller until the upper side of chapati/tortilla is brown and cooked.
  4. when cooked cut the quesadillas with a pizza cutter into pizza slices and enjoy hot.

You can add red chilli flakes or little schezwaun sauce to make the quesadillas more spicy.

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