California produces 80% of the nation's strawberries, providing almost a year-round supply.

California strawberry growers and researchers, along with help from the most ideal growing conditions, work together to produce the highest quality strawberries you can buy.There are approximately 700 strawberry growers in California producing fruit on over 20,000 acres annually.

A strawberry is a superstar when it comes to anti-oxidant power. In addition, 1 cup of strawberries gives you a whopping 140 percent of your recommended daily allowance of vitamin C.

Strawberries are also packed with flavonoids, two in particular, called quercetin and kaempferol. Research shows that these two flavonoids help keep “bad” (LDL) cholesterol from oxidizing and damaging artery walls.

Strawberries also contain ellargic acid — also found in raspberries, blackberries, cranberries, grapes, cherries, walnuts, pecans and Brazil nuts — which acts as a scavenger to “bind” cancer-causing chemicals, making them inactive. It inhibits the ability of other chemicals to cause mutations in bacteria.

In addition, it prevents binding of carcinogens to DNA and reduces the incidence of cancer in cultured human cells exposed
to carcinogens.

One serving of strawberries contains

  • 20% RDA of folic acid. That's more per comparable serving than any other fruit.
  • Folic acid is a water-soluble B vitamin which has been proven to reduce birth defects involving brain and nerve disorders. Strawberries are one of the most delicious and nutritious fruits.
  • According to FDA regulations, strawberries are a sodium-free, fat-free food. They are not only cholesterol free but low in calories as well.
  • One serving of eight medium sized strawberries contains: 140% of the U.S. Recommended Daily Allowance of Vitamin C, which is more than one orange.
  • 20% of the daily value for folic acid.
  • Only 50 calories.
  • No fat grams.
  • Recognized source of potassium, folacin and dietary fiber.

Select strawberries that have a full red color and avoid any that are uncolored or white.

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