Ghiya Raita(bottle gourd raita)


  • Curd (Yogurt) -1 cup
  • Grated Ghiya (lauki) -1/4 cup
  • Cumin (jeera) powder- 1/2 tsp.
  • Salt to taste
  • Red chili powder to taste
  • Rock salt (kala namak) – 1/4 tsp.


  1. Boil grated ghiya till soft, drain and cool it.
  2. Stir the curd with hand mixer.
  3. Add ghiya and mix well. If curd is thick mix little milk or water.
  4. Now add salt, cumin powder and chili powder, mix well.
  5. Keep in refrigerator for an hour or so.
  6. Serve ghiya raita chilled.

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