Major Oilseeds

  • The nine major oilseeds cultivated in India are groundnut, mustard/rapeseed,sesame, safflower, linseed, niger seed, castor seed, soybean and sunflower.
  • Coconut is the most important source of edible oil amongst plantation crops, while in non-conventional oils, rice bran oil and cottonseed oil are the most important.
  • Groundnut, soybean and mustard together contribute about 85 percent of the country oilseeds production.
  • While production of oilseeds has risen over the years, it has not been able to keep pace with the domestic demand for edible oils. Therefore,there has been a persistent gap between domestic demand and output of edible oils.
  • The net domestic availability of edible oils was only 5.62million tonnes during 2000-01 while the domestic requirement was close to 10 million tonnes.

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