Human body and Chlorine

Chlorine is found ion body as chloride ion. Large amounts of chloride is found in the extracellular fluid but small amount is also found in the red bloood cells and some in other cells.Body contain approximately 50 mEq of chloride per kilogram of body weight.

Functions of chlorine

  1. Chloride activates the amylase enzymes.
  2. In extracellular fliud it is necessray for the regulation of osmotic pressure, water balance, and acid base balance.
  3. In gastric juice it is the chief anion along with hydrogen ion because of which hydrochloric acid is formed and provides an acid medium for activating the dighestion enzymes as well as enabling digestion in the stomach.

Deficiency of chlorine

Severe deficiency occurs in case of excessive vomiting, diarrhoea when large amounts of chloride is lost resulting in alkalosis due to replacement of chloride with the bicarbonate.

Sources of chlorine

Table salt is the main source of chloride in the diet.

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