Triglycerides, chylomicrons, and VLDL/ Fats

Triglyceride is a fatty substance that is composed of three fatty acids. Like cholesterol, triglyceride in the blood either comes from the diet or the liver. Also, like cholesterol, triglyceride cannot dissolve and circulate in the blood without combining with a lipoprotein. Thus, after a meal, the triglyceride and cholesterol that are absorbed into the intestines are packaged into round particles called chylomicrons before they are released into the blood circulation. A chylomicron is a collection of cholesterol and triglyceride that is surrounded by a lipoprotein outer coat. (Chylomicrons contain 90% triglyceride and 10% cholesterol.) The liver removes triglyceride and chylomicrons from the blood, and it synthesizes and packages triglyceride into VLDL (very low-density lipoprotein) particles and releases them back into the blood circulation.

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